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I often challenge myself to do things - and then make every effort to follow through.  Sometimes I miss ... sometimes not.  This time, I dared myself to create a website!  I taught myself a bit of html and fiddled with buttons, hyperlinks, and midis ... even figured out how to do thumbnails! To the dismay of computer literates, I sometimes goof and refer to them as thumbprints or fingernails. I'm terribly ungifted when it comes to computer stuff, but I did accomplish what I'd set out to do.  Now that you've landed here ... please do hang around and click on a few buttons ... see where they'll take you!

Oh yes!  Way over on the left you'll see a column of shimmering buttons.  It took me forever to figure out how to do that!  Click on them to hear some of Chet Atkins' spectacular guitar arrangements.  In "Other Stuff" you'll see a little blurb about this great musician and the names of his musical numbers featured on this site.

The NIKE ad-men were right when they said ...

   JUST DO IT!   



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Samuel Orbaum

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