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A tribute to the memory of Leo Snowbell

Leo was the love of my life.  We met in the 'autumn' of our lives and our twenty-year marriage was blessed with warmth, love, and respect.   Leo was enthusiastic about all our activities and was most encouraging to me when I was busy writing, painting or being creative in any way.  He was an active and adventurous man who had travelled extensively in his younger years.  He was fearless!  For Leo, there was no roller-coaster terrifying enough ... no water-slide high enough.  He was an avid ten-pin bowler, participating in this sport three and sometimes four times a week!  Over the years, Leo continued to pursue new and exciting challenges ... white water rafting on the Colorado River, snorkeling, parasailing and body-flying, to name a few.  On Canada Day 2012, Leo and I fulfilled our scariest joint 'bucket-list' entry by doing the EdgeWalk on the CN Tower.

Leo was a kind, mild-mannered man ... highly intelligent and well-informed.  He loved to watch Jeopardy and it delighted him to astonish others by shouting out the correct responses before the TV contestants even had a chance to press their buzzers.  Leo loved to sing and was a member of the Entertainers of the Wagman Centre, a group of seniors who performed at hospitals, nursing homes and seniors' residences.  He was a watchmaker for forty-four years and had been a volunteer for over ten years as the innkeeper at Black Creek Pioneer Village.  Leo had also been a volunteer at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and in Israel's Sar-El program.  Leo was in his late seventies when he encouraged me to join him to audition for a play.  Despite our trepidation prior to audition, Leo and I were selected to be in the cast of "Oliver" and hence enjoyed our little show business stint with Steppin' Out Productions.

Leo, a sensitive and sentimental man, cried as easily as he laughed.  He was honest and trustworthy in all his dealings and was well-loved and respected by everyone.  Leo was the man who brought music and laughter into my life. How hard it is to believe that I'll never see him again!  I pray that he'll come to me in dreams so that I'd be able to see his face and hear his voice again.

Rest peacefully, Leo.  I love you.  I miss you.



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