May 1956 - December 2002




Samuel Orbaum had so much to live for!  His lovely triplet daughters delighted him.  He would have loved to savour their teen years, their growth to adulthood, and all the joyous events that would enhance their lives.  Sam was not prepared to leave them.  He wasn't ready to abandon his career as a book author and as a Jerusalem Post columnist, nor would he have been keen to give up his directorship of the Jerusalem Scrabble Club.  Sam wasn't ready to say goodbye to his parents, his sisters, extended family, and his many friends and fans all over the world.  He was my nephew and my good friend.  I was certainly not ready to say goodbye to Sam.

The following is an excerpt from Sam's website. 

"On December 9, 2002, Sam Orbaum lost his long and valiant battle with cancer.  Who was Sam Orbaum?  He was something different to every one of the thousands he touched.  He was a writer, whose special voice resonated from the pages of The Jerusalem Post and his books to tell people around the world what it was really like to live in Israel.  He was the wordsmith who co-founded the Jerusalem Scrabble Club, reputed to be the largest such club in the world.  He was the father who landed a triple score, blessed with identical triplet girls who were his proudest achievement in a short life marked by so much accomplishment.  He was the cynic, the comic, the fighter, the friend.  Read Sam's works:  Through them he lives on and continues to touch and change lives."


Here are two photos - one of Sam with his gleesome threesome, Donna, Nomi and Odelia.  the photo on the right is of the girls with their Mom, Wendy.  I confess that, because these three delightful girls are so alike in appearance, and because I haven't had the joy of spending enough time with them, I could never tell who's who! 

These photos were taken in Sam's Jerusalem home (2000)


Here are the girls in 2007

and an amazing glamour-shot in 2011!